Daeseung Director Lee Jeong-hyo “Representative Asani said, ‘Give me a gift and go,’ but I got a hat-trick

Gwangju FC coach Lee Jung-hyo, who won a great victory against a strong team in the home game, told the story behind Asani, who scored a hat trick. As much as he joined the national team, coach Lee asked him to “give a gift and go,” and Asani said he did well.

Gwangju won 5-0 in the 4th round match against Incheon United at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium on the 18th and jumped to 3rd place. 

In the 8th minute of the first half, Gwangju scored the first goal by Asani, and in the 19th minute, Uhm Ji-seong scored an additional goal. Incheon got a penalty kick in extra time in the first half, but Hernandez missed it. 

Gwangju, which escaped the pursuit, pushed harder in the second half.

In the 4th minute of the second half, Lee Hee-kyun scored with the help of Umji-seong, and in the 23rd minute of the second half, Asani controlled Lee Min-ki’s cross and volleyed it. Three minutes later, Asani scored a hat-trick with a left-footed free kick from a long distance outside the penalty box. 

Coach Lee Jeong-hyo said at the official press conference, “We showed a good game to the fans who came to the home. I want to thank the fans and players. As we prepared, we ordered movement inside the penalty box, confident play, and bold challenges and shooting.” After expressing gratitude to the players, “The final third (Gwangju offensive area) finished well. It could have been difficult if I conceded in a 2-0 situation. To me, if it wasn’t for Kim Kyung-min, I wouldn’t have a victory like today. Thank you to Kim Kyung-min. He praised goalkeeper Kim Kyung-min as much as the goal. 

Regarding a well-made goal, coach Lee Jeong-hyo said, “We tell you not to be satisfied with the result. We tell you to put importance on the process.” It seems that the players followed the order that I told them not to give up and to do it until the end.”

When Lee Hee-kyun scored, manager Lee Jeong-hyo was so happy that they embraced each other.

When asked about this, he said, “We did well to attack (the opponent), but Lee Hee-gyun needed goals to grow. This time, if there were no goals, his growth would be slow. Hee-gyun scored a goal, so it was great.” 

Regarding Asani, who scored a hat-trick, coach Lee Jeong-hyo said, “Asani is joining the Albanian national team tonight. I hope he scores a goal before going. He said, “I wish I could give you a present.” Asani scored three more goals than Lee had hoped. 스포츠토토

Coach Lee continued, “I originally expected good shooting ability, but I scored as much as I expected. Among mercenary players, Asa is the one who gets scolded the most. He always forgets to play in position. Today, he persistently talked about that part. No, we have to continue injecting.” 

The promoted team Gwangju recorded 2 wins and 2 losses before the A-match break. It’s really a blast.

When asked how he plans to spend the rest period, coach Lee Jung-hyo revealed his will to expand the player base, saying, “The plan is to develop replacement players.”

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