Children’s Day gift answered by Lee Chan-hee of Yeocheon Middle School

Running on the court.

Yeocheon Middle School lost 44-69 to Bae Jae-jung in the South Central Group B preliminary match of the ‘2023 Federation President’s National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Gimcheon Tournament’ held at Seongui High School Victorio Gymnasium in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk on the 5th. Yeochunjung finished this tournament with 3 losses.

Yeochun Middle School senior Lee Chan-hee (F, 181cm) recorded 22 points and 12 rebounds in a match against Bae Jae-jung. Lee Chan-hee, who finished the competition, said, “It was difficult because many team members were injured and the team was not in normal strength. I want to train properly for the next competition and make better results.”

When she was in elementary school, Lee Chan-hee started playing her club basketball as her hobby. Showing her talent, she suggested Yeocheon Middle School coach Kim Heechul to play elite basketball. 토스카지노

Lee Chan-hee said, “I was worried after receiving the offer for the first time. I was worried that doing basketball and schoolwork together would be a burden and I would fall behind. But my parents encouraged me to try basketball and they supported me. I started playing elite basketball and trained every morning and after school. After training, I tried my best by writing a training log. I want to become a player like Byun Jun-hyung and Derma DeRozan.”

He added, “Last year’s weekend league game against Gunsan Middle School is the most memorable. I was fouled out, but at the end, my senior brother hit a 3-point shot and the team won by 2 points.”

On May 5th, Children’s Day, all middle school preliminaries were finished.

Lee Chan-hee, who said she was still a child, said, “I remember going to my grandmother’s house and playing with my relatives every Children’s Day.” I think so.” He smiled.

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