‘Chelsea top 10 striker’ Soon-seop bell, not noticed, but Tottenham expects

Jude Sunsupbel is one of the most under-the-radar Tottenham Hotspur signings during the winter transfer window. This is because he is not a resource that will be immediately utilized for a sense of power. However, general manager Fabio Paratici had high hopes for Sunsub Bell, calling him “a British talent.”

The winter transfer window of the English Premier League (EPL) has recently closed. Tottenham’s most notable signings were winger Arnaut Danjuma and right-back Pedro Poro. Both players are loan signings, but a full transfer option is included. This means that if he performs well for the rest of the season, he can stay at Tottenham longer.

Other than the two players, except for the return of Alfie Whiteman from loan, it is all about bringing in Sunsub Bell from Chelsea. He was signed as a free agent and the contract expires in June 2025. Sunsubbel is not a striker who was recruited with a view to the future, rather than reinforced with a plan to use immediately. As a 19-year-old, he made his first-team debut in 2021 at Chelsea. He plans to join the Tottenham U21 team in the future. 바카라

After the transfer period, Paratici, who stood in front of local reporters, was asked questions about POW and Danjuma. General Manager Paritić said of Poro, “I have experience in European competitions and I also played for Spain, so I can add new skills that Tottenham didn’t have.” He scored a goal and boosted his confidence.”

After the explanation of the two players was over, a question came up saying, ‘Now that the fans don’t know much about Sunsubbel, who is 19 years old, can you tell us about his strengths?’ Coach Paratic expressed his expectations, saying, “Sun Subbel has always been regarded as a player of great talent in England. As soon as he had the opportunity to sign this player, he went ahead with it.”

On the one hand, he was cautious, saying, “But you shouldn’t put too much pressure on young players. The most important thing is to calmly grow, go further, and improve your skills while feeling the right pressure at an important time like now.”

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