Chelsea owner wants ‘Mourinho 3rd term’… “Currently the best solution”

 Manager Jose Mourinho’s chances of returning to Chelsea are increasing.

Britain’s ‘Daily Express’ reported on the 20th (Korean time) that “Chelsea’s owner, Todd Bailey, supports the idea of ​​sacking manager Graham Porter and reinstating manager Mourinho.”

Chelsea succeeded in a massive reinforcement in the transfer market in January. They announced a turnaround in the second half by recruiting a large number of star players such as Mudrik, Joao Felix, and Enzo Fernandez.

So far, the results have fallen far short of expectations. Chelsea have only won two of their last 14 games played. On the 19th, they suffered a 0-1 humiliating loss to Southampton, which was at the bottom of the league. 카지노

Now, the dominant opinion is that Porter should be fired. According to a report by the ‘Daily Express’, football commentator Richard Keith said on the air, “The experiment with Porter failed miserably. That is why we need to change now.”

“If I were the owner of Boelli, what should I do now? A solution is needed. This is the appointment of manager Mourinho,” he raised his voice.

“Coach Mourinho is the most popular coach among Chelsea fans. He is also Chelsea’s most successful manager. It is the best option that the owner of Boelli can choose right now,” he said, urging Mourinho to be appointed.

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