Changed the team name from Carrot to Day One, Asian quota applied based on foreign players, not domestic players

On the morning of the 2nd, KBL held the 28th 4th extraordinary general meeting and the 4th board of directors meeting at the KBL Center to discuss KBL director elections, improvement of the Asian quota player system, foreign player contract change, and change of the name of Goyang Day One Sports Club. .

At the extraordinary general meeting, Cho Dong-yul, the new general manager of Seoul Samsung, was by-elected as a director. 크크크벳

The board of directors voted to improve the Asian quota player system. Asian Quarter players decided not to apply the domestic free agent standard. The FA contract was decided to apply the foreign player method, giving the original club the priority to negotiate without FA compensation, and apply the original club renewal contract method.

In addition, the Asian quarter player agent registration system was implemented, and the agent cost was changed from the player’s burden to the club’s burden (10%).

Foreign player contracts have been amended as the foreign player salary payment method has been changed from pre-tax (Gross) to post-tax (Net) and the maximum amount of compensation has changed to $600,000.

Meanwhile, following the termination of the contract between the Goyang Carrot Club and the naming sponsor, the Goyang Carrot Jumpers club name was changed to Goyang Day One Jumpers.

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