‘Bullying Controversy’ Kim Bo-reum 2nd trial wins some… “Roh Seon-young, 3 million won should be compensated”

During the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, speed skater Kim Bo-reum, who caused controversy over ‘bullying driving’, won part of the lawsuit following the 1st trial and 2nd trial in a lawsuit for compensation for damages filed against former national teammate Roh Seon-young, claiming that he was bullied. .

On the 21st, the 13th Civil Division of the Seoul High Court (Judge Moon Gwang-seop) upheld the ruling of the first trial, saying, “Roh Seon-young should pay 3 million won in alimony to Kim Bo-reum.”

Previously, in the first trial, a ruling was made to compensate 3 million won, saying, “It is recognized that Seonyoung Roh used abusive language and abusive language to her junior, Boreum Kim, from November to December 2017.” However, both sides objected and appealed. 

Kim Bo-reum was at the center of the controversy over ‘bullying driving’ during the quarterfinals of the women’s speed skating team pursuit at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. In a situation where the record of the runner who crossed the finish line last became the team record, only Roh Seon-yeong was pushed back a long way, and in the end, Korea did not advance to the semifinals. 

At the time, Kim Bo-reum made a remark criticizing Noh Seon-young’s sluggishness, and the ‘bullying controversy’ erupted in an instant. 안전놀이터

Kim Bo-reum also refuted. In November 2020, he filed a damages lawsuit demanding 200 million won, claiming that he had been harassed by his senior, Noh Seon-young, by interrupting training and continuous verbal abuse.

The second trial court made a decision to refer to mediation and compulsory mediation twice for reconciliation between the two. However, an agreement could not be reached due to objections.

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