Block Man City interest… Chelsea close to 4-year contract renewal with key defender

Chelsea started cracking down on the house.

Global media ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 10th (Korean time), “Chelsea is ready to sign a new contract with Ben Chilwell (26) for 4 years.”

Chilwell joined Chelsea from Leicester City in 2020. Chelsea showed high expectations by investing 50 million euros (about 72 billion won) in his signing.

The effect was beyond expectations. Chilwell melted into Chelsea without a special adaptation period and even energized the attack with a sharp cross.

Injuries caught up with Chilwell. Chilwell was out of power for nearly six months in 2021 due to a knee injury. Fortunately, Chilwell, who has successfully rehabilitated, is regaining his skills little by little this season. 토토사이트

Among them, transfer rumors arose. Manchester City (Man City) are said to be aiming for Chilwell’s scout this summer. It is known that he was attracted to Chilwell’s versatility, which can even be played as a center back.

Chelsea quickly came up with a countermeasure. According to the report, the Chelsea leadership decided to renew the contract with Chilwell regardless of the official appointment of the manager.

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