‘Battle for one playoff spot’ Dongguk University, Kyung Hee University tied for eighth, Dankook University takes sole lead in women’s division

Dongguk University kept its playoff hopes alive by beating Kyung Hee University at home. Dankook University in the women’s division took sole possession of first place with a win over Kangwon National University.

Dongguk University won 82-69 against Kyung Hee University in the men’s college basketball U-League 2023 at Dongguk University Gymnasium on Thursday. Dongguk University’s record in the university league is 5-8. They have a good shot at the playoffs.

As if recognizing the importance of the game, both teams played hard from the start. Dongguk University took the lead first with a basket by Ji Yong-hyun (201 cm, C) and a three-pointer by Baek Seung-yeop (184 cm, G).

Kyung Hee University didn’t go down without a fight. Kim Soo-oh (200 cm, F) scored a basket and Ahn Se-joon (196 cm, F) added a three-pointer to tie the game.

However, Dongguk University’s spear was sharper. Dongguk set the tone with two three-pointers from Lee Hak-seung (190 cm, F) and Baek Seung-yeop.

Despite a strong push from Kyung Hee University at the end of the first quarter, Dongguk ended the first quarter with a one-point advantage, 16-15. It was a close game between the teams that met on the wooden bridge.

After starting the second quarter with a one-point deficit, Kyung Hee University turned the tide early in the second quarter. Transitions and defense came alive.

Kyung Hee University got off to a good start with three straight points from Kim Soo-oh. Substitute Lee Hae-won (184 cm, G) added a point with an aggressive rim attack. The sophomore duo of Hwang Young-chan (178 cm, G) and Lee Seung-gu (190 cm, F) and Kim Soo-oh combined to extend the lead to 11 points.

After regrouping in regulation time, Dongguk University fought back with three-pointers. It was Lim Jung-hyun (192 cm, F) who opened the scoring. He also induced Kyung Hee University’s operating time.

Kyung Hee University’s timeout didn’t stop Dongguk University’s three-point shooting. Lim narrowed the gap with another three-pointer.

Park Seung-jae (180 cm, G) then refused to relinquish the spotlight to the junior. He made two three-pointers to complete the comeback. Dongguk ended the second quarter with a one-point advantage, 33-32.

Dongguk carried the momentum into the third quarter. The third quarter was also dominated by three-pointers.

Baek Seung-yeop, who showed off his fiery hands in the first quarter, knocked down a three-pointer and a jumper from long range. 메이저사이트

Kyung Hee University answered right back. Lee Seung-goo and Lim Sung-chae (185 cm, G) hit one three-pointer each. Lee Dae-gyun gave up a basket, but Lim Sung-chae responded with another three-pointer.

Dongguk University, however, had the height advantage. They kept getting offensive rebounds. Kyung Hee University’s momentum subsided. Park Seung-jae’s three-pointer also found the rim.

Dongguk ended the third quarter with a 54-46 lead. They widened the gap with a firecracker of three-pointers.

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