Bae Ji-hwan finally passed it… Boston’s first major league home run

Bae Ji-hwan of the Pittsburgh Pirates was finally handed over.

Bae Ji-hwan hit a two-run home run in the second inning of an away game against the Boston Red Sox held at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on the 5th (Korean time).

Facing Nick Pivetta with 2nd out and 1st base, he pushed back a 94.8 mph four-seam fastball on the third pitch in a 1-1 count. 카지노사이트

The batted ball with a batted ball speed of 102.1 miles and a launch angle of 26 degrees flew to the left and hit the top of the upper pair boundary of the Green Monster and fell. The flight distance is 359 feet.

It was Bae Ji-hwan’s first home run in his big league debut. After confirming the referee’s home run signal, he pointed to his teammates in the third base dugout and circled the bases.

Previously, Bae Ji-hwan expressed his desire for a home run, saying, “It’s time for a home run since I’ve done my first hit, first stolen base, and first RBI” at the place of departure in February.

He revealed that he worked hard on weight training, saying, “The home run is said to be the flower of baseball, but I want to be versatile. It is true that even contact hitters are greedy for home runs,” he said, not hiding his desire for home runs.

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