ASEAN member countries gather in Vietnam… Held the ‘FIFA Forward 3.0’ workshop

Representatives of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member countries that joined FIFA (International Football Federation) gathered. Last week, they gathered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and held a global series ‘FIFA Forward 3.0’ workshop, discussing various agendas and problem solving.

ASEAN has tremendous potential as it has about 700 million people (8.5%) of the world’s population. Accordingly, FIFA has provided customized support for ASEAN member countries since 2016. Both programs have been successful, with $2.8 billion (approximately 3.665 trillion won) invested in various initiatives and projects in the process.

The global series ‘FIFA Forward 3.0’ will run until 2026. A significant portion of the investment is planned to be used to meet FIFA’s goal of having 60 million female players worldwide involved in football by the end of the cycle. In other words, it is expected that a lot of investment will be made in the development of women’s soccer in the ASEAN region.

In addition, the global series ‘FIFA Forward 3.0’ can use up to 97.8 million dollars (approximately 128 billion won) over the next 4 years, and 112 million dollars (approximately 147 billion won) have already been invested in cycles 1.0 and 2.0. A total of 91 ‘FIFA Forward’ projects have already been approved across the ASEAN region, with some notable successes.

Myanmar built the first futsal stadium, and Brunei and the Philippines established the first soccer science and technology centers. In the case of Cambodia, soccer fields were built in schools in 19 out of 25 provinces with support from FIFA. 안전놀이터

Kenny Jean-Marie (France), who serves as FIFA’s Supreme Council member, said, “The impact of the program in the ASEAN region is noteworthy. Expanding the football infrastructure was a major focus, but FIFA “I have embarked on many other projects,” he said.

In fact, with the support of FIFA, countries in the ASEAN region are increasing their interest and interest in soccer. In addition, we are making every effort to further develop the soccer industry by receiving active investment. In this ‘FIFA Forward 3.0’ workshop, while various plans were discussed, specific goals were set and the possibility of further growth was opened.

FIFA Supreme Commissioner Kenny Jean-Marie said: “As funding increases over the next three years, starting in 2023, the ASEAN region will grow further. The future is bright. We can achieve even greater goals through the achievement of football development targets consistent with our long-term development strategic plan. We expect a greater impact,” he said, expressing his anticipation.

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