About 1,600 university leaders and players gathered to criticize “Abolition of U-22 regulations”

About 1,600 people from 85 college football teams gathered together to voice the abolition of the K-League’s U-22 participation rules.

On the 10th, the 59th Spring University Football Federation will be held in Tongyeong, Gyeongnam. On the 9th, the day before the opening of the Spring League Match, the Korea University Football Leaders Association (College Leaders Association) held a rally and announced the ‘Statement on the System Improvement of the Korea Football Association’.

University leaders and players strongly argued for the abolition of the K-League’s compulsory U-22 participation rule. The University Leaders Association said, “With the U-22 compulsory participation regulation, it has become a country where it is difficult for young college football players aged 22 and 23 to get a job. It becomes more difficult. In other words, senior players who are not 1st and 2nd year players have fewer opportunities, and even if they advance to the pros, the contract form is not good.”

In fact, in the college soccer field, it has become common for players to give up soccer from the third year and enlist in the army or fall into other paths if they do not advance to the pros by the second year. University leaders are expressing their regret that potential players give up without trying further due to K-League regulations. Players also protested against the environment in which they had no choice but to retire early.

They also demanded improvements to the college league. 스포츠토토 “The Korea Football Association, which hosts the college football U-League, has no support for the U-League home team (field usage fee, ambulance, ball boy, stretcher, etc.), and all finances have to be borne by each university and team. Korea Football Association We need to realize the budget for the college football U-League and operate a high-quality league.”

They demanded a response from Korea Football Association president Chung Mong-gyu by March 10, a month later, and declared that they would respond more actively if there was no official response.

Lastly, “Over the past 4 years, the executives of the University Football Federation have held several meetings with working-level officials of the Korea Football Association to request improvement of policies and systems due to the irrationality and harm of the U-21 and U-22 compulsory participation regulations, but only one I couldn’t see any official response or willingness to improve,” he said, demanding immediate communication.

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