‘A total of 6 recorded errors’ ‘Unfortunate defense’ that both winners and losers should point out

It was a very messy game. There were a total of 6 errors recorded by both teams, and other than that, there was no end to the disappointing appearances in the defense.

On the 7th, the 2023 professional baseball KBO league regular season match between SSG Landers and Kiwoom Heroes was held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro-gu, Seoul. The result was a 7-6 victory for SSG with Hanyu Island’s final sacrifice fly after a bloody battle that lasted until the 11th inning.

With this, SSG, which monopolized the Children’s Day series with Kiwoom and won 5 consecutive wins, became the first to step on the 20-win (10-loss) hill among 10 clubs this season. The ranking is also ranked first. On the other hand, Kiwoom, who fell into a quagmire of 4 consecutive losses, stayed in 8th place with 17 losses (13 wins).

However, there are certain things that both teams should clearly point out on this day. That’s what was disappointing defensively. SSG and Kiwoom, who committed a total of 6 recorded mistakes, were not counted as other mistakes, but continued to produce regrettable defensive scenes, confusing the atmosphere of the game.

The first mistake came in the first inning when SSG had the right to attack. Park Seong-Han’s hit and Choi Jeong’s base-run 2 out 2nd base led Guillermo Heredia to hit a timely double with 1 RBI that landed in the middle right. At this time, Kiwoom right fielder Lee Hyung-jong could not catch the ball perfectly and had to watch Heredia advance to second base. Fortunately, starting pitcher Eric Yokishi struck out follow-up hitter Choi Joo-hwan and did not lead to a run.

SSG’s defense was also shaken. In the bottom of the first inning, lead hitter Lee Jung-hoo hit a ground ball, and second baseman Kim Seong-hyun failed to catch the ball perfectly, allowing him to go on base. In the 2 out 1st and 3rd bases, which were created with Kim Hye-seong’s walk, Edison Russell’s fly from right field, and Lee Won-seok’s strikeout, first base runner Kim Hye-seong’s attempt to steal second base resulted in catcher Cho Hyeong-woo’s throwing error, and the home was dedicated to Lee Jeong-hoo.

The error continued in the 2nd run on 1st and 2nd base, which continued with Lee Hyeong-jong’s walk. Shortstop Park Seong-han failed to catch Park Chan-hyuk’s ground ball, causing a crisis with the bases loaded with the second out. This mistake was also directly linked to a run as follow-up hitter Lee Byeong-gyu hit the shortstop with an RBI at the right time.

In the beginning of the second inning, Kiwoom’s defense slumped again. Oh Tae-gon’s walk and Kim Seong-hyun’s 1 RBI double at the right time led to safe second base, and catcher Kim Dong-heon failed to catch Yokishi’s 3-pitch curve and committed a foil, allowing Kim Seong-hyun to advance to third base.

Catcher Kim Dong-hun, who was shaken, made a mistake in throwing despite Choi Sang-min’s surprise squeeze bunt attempt at first out and third base, which continued with Cho Hyung-woo’s shortstop grounder. Fortunately, at the time, he did not give up a home run to third base runner Kim Seong-hyun, but after that, Kiwoom had to contribute a goal by allowing Choi Kyung-mo an RBI in a timely infield hit to the third baseman. 메이저놀이터

Even the finish line on this day came from an error. At the beginning of the 11th inning, when both teams were tied 6-6, Choi Jeong’s double to left field led to Choi Joo-hwan’s grounder hit by Choi Joo-hwan at first base, and Russell, a shortstop, failed to catch the ball perfectly, which led to one out and 1st and 3rd base. The official record is a shortstop catch error.

It was obviously not an easy ball to catch, but the target was Russell, who has a good understanding of defense, so it was a situation that left more regret. Afterwards, Hanyu Island fired a sacrifice fly to the right field and brought Choi Jeong home, and the match ended with SSG winning.

As such, both teams made many mistakes on the day and showed several unfortunate scenes in defense, leaving the pitchers on the mound and a total of 7,623 fans who visited Gocheok Sky Dome to watch this game depressed. For future propaganda, it is important to clearly point out not only Kiwoom, the loser, but also SSG, the winner.

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