“A strong number two? Rojas is the right person, but his batting average… ” Director Lee Seung-yeop of ‘batting order’, will he find an answer to the empty gap?

The story that the strongest hitter in the team should enter the second batting order has already been a trend in the KBO League since the early and mid-2010s. The so-called ‘strong second’ is understood as a basic concept when creating a batting order.

Doosan’s concern this season is the strong number 2. Doosan’s second batting order record this season is a batting average of 0.215/on-base percentage of 0.315/slugging percentage of 0.252, all of which are in ninth place in the league. At the beginning of the season, the batting order was placed with more emphasis on running and strategy rather than the strong second concept. At the beginning of the season, Heo Gyeong-min, Jo Su-haeng, Yang Chan-yeol, and Su-bin Jung were placed in the second batting order, but it was difficult to find a fixed number 2 hitter.

In the end, a strong hitter with slugging power, on-base percentage, and batting average should be placed in the second batting order. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop is well aware of this.

The best and strongest number 2 in Lee’s opinion is foreign hitter Jose Rojas. The most ideal picture is a picture in which the central batting line, which connects Yang Seok-hwan, Kim Jae-hwan, and Yang Eui-ji, explodes in a chain, with Lohas in the second batting order. However, at the beginning of this season, the picture of the batting line that Lee expected so much did not come out. This is because LOHAS’ sluggishness has been prolonged. 먹튀검증

Manager Lee, who met with reporters ahead of the game against the Hanwha Eagles in Jamsil on May 4, said, “Personally, I try to pursue a strong second batting order, but in the end, it is correct for Rojas to enter the second batting order while maintaining good batting condition. That way, the team batting line will become stronger.”

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