“A place like this in Guam?” Even where Lotte pioneered, Arizona-class environment is created

“I didn’t know Guam had a baseball field like this.”

Guam, an American territory in the Northern Mariana Islands located in the western Pacific Ocean, is one of the most popular vacation spots for Koreans. Because there is little time difference in the mild climate, there are many family travelers, such as honeymooners and prenatal trips. As the bar on the border, which had been put on hold for three years due to COVID-19, was lifted, Koreans started looking for it again.

In the midst of tourists, the Lotte Giants chose Guam as their spring camp location. It was a place where Spring Camp, which was leaving after three years, had to be pioneered. In the past, Samsung and KIA used Guam as a spring camp site, but for a while, KBO League clubs stopped visiting.

Currently, Lotte is using the Dededo Sports Complex as its main stadium. Here, the Paseo Ballpark is used only for infield fungo training. However, this was completely different from Lotte’s original idea. Through a preliminary survey, Paseo Baseball Stadium, which currently only holds infield fungo training, was selected as the main stadium for the spring camp. It was a place equipped with a weight training facility and an auxiliary pitch nearby. In advance, field management personnel were dispatched to repair the ground, and the inside and outfield ground was transformed into a Sajik Stadium level. All the high-ranking officials of the club raised their thumbs at the ground condition.

However, a variable occurred. After all preparations were completed, the Guam state government held a large-scale event at Paseo Stadium. 메이저사이트 The infield was fine, but the outfield ground was messed up. The team’s efforts so far have been in vain. In the end, the club had to decide on a different location, but even though it was ‘Plan B’, the sports complex was chosen as the main stadium.

The condition of the Dede ground is not very good because time was tight for reorganization. But it had the biggest advantage. Like the spring camp training ground in Arizona on the mainland of the United States, there are four baseball fields in the north, south, east and west based on the main tower. could use all of them. In addition, you can conduct conditioning training in bad weather at the indoor training ground right next to it. In the end, it was decided to turn the Dededo Sports Complex into the main stadium and use the infield Paseo Stadium, which was in good condition, as a training ground for Fungo. Dededo and Paseo take about 15 minutes by car.

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