70 hold Pil Seung-jo, Futures 148km wings but… “Call-up yet” Why?

“If you have pain, do you have to rehabilitate again…”

Good news about pitching in practice. However, the command tower was cautious. Jang Hyun-sik (28, KIA Tigers) appeared in the NC Dinos Y Futures League match on the 6th and gave up 3 hits and 1 run in 1⅓ innings.

Hyunsik Jang underwent surgery to remove bone fragments in his elbow in October of last year. After entering rehabilitation, he began improving his physical condition by joining a camp in Okinawa, Japan. He was a dimension to raise his body condition in a warm place.

The contents of the first appearance in the Futures League were not satisfactory. He was hit by lead batter Jeong Jin-ki and Kim Beom-jun, and after Choi Woo-jae’s ground ball, Choi Bo-seong’s sacrifice fly allowed a run. He ended his first inning by finishing Park Joo-chan on a fly ball.

Jang Hyeon-shik, who also came up in the 5th inning, caught Kwon Jeong-woong with a shortstop floating ball, but was hit by Kim Han-byeol and was replaced by Yoo Ji-seong and came down the mound. The highest speed was 148 km.

Although he conceded, throwing the ball itself was positive. His return to the first team is also starting to get closer as he pitches in the Futures League. As for KIA, if Jang Hyun-sik returns, he will be able to look at a more solid mound. Jang Hyun-sik played an active role as a key bullpen for KIA, recording 34 holds in 2021 and 19 holds in 2022. His career hold was 70.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk expressed his position that he would approach Jang Hyun-shik’s cheek plan a little more carefully ahead of the Gwangju Doosan Bears match on the 7th. 카지노

Coach Kim said, “I’m constantly appearing in actual matches. I throw it once every two days and there is no great pain. I’ll try to throw a little more and look at the situation and call up if it’s okay.”

As much as he threw the ball in the Futures League, he could look at a call-up next week at the earliest. However, coach Kim emphasized, “We have to throw a little more (in the Futures League).”

Coach Kim explained, “If you get back to the first team and get pain again, you have to rehabilitate.”

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