3 outs to the pitcher. LG’s running baseball. 58% stealing success rate, including checkers. Cut by the ‘double-edged sword’

Stealing is truly a ‘double-edged sword’.

If the runner succeeds in stealing, the attacking team’s morale rises as the runner enters scoring range, and the defensive team’s anxiety about conceding increases. On the other hand, if the runner fails to steal the base, the runner disappears, so the defensive side loses their anxiety over the run, and the offensive team naturally loses their mood. So, a breathtaking fight unfolds between the team trying to steal and the team trying to stop it.

This has happened a lot in LG Twins games this season. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop proclaimed that all players could steal second base while claiming baseball, and in fact, many runners stole base regardless of their main focus.

In 24 games, he attempted to steal 64 times, and 39 of them were successful, with a stealing success rate of 60.9%. His number of stolen bases is overwhelmingly high, but his success rate is low.

There are many cases where the catcher throws the ball out, but it is not uncommon for it to be caught out due to the persistent check of the opposing pitcher.

In the match against the KIA Tigers held in Jamsil on the 28th, there were cases in which the chance was canceled without being able to play properly.

At the end of the 3rd inning, after Hong Chang-gi, the leader, was on base, Moon Seong-joo was timing to steal bases, and KIA pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong watched this and blocked it with checks. When Hyeon-Jong Yang entered the set position, Chang-Ki Hong stopped the start and when Hyeon-Jong Yang did not throw to the ho, he immediately stopped and tried to come back, but Hyeon-Jong Yang threw to first base and was out.

Then, Moon Seong-joo hit and Hong Chang-ki’s check was regrettable. That wasn’t the end. 2nd 1st base 4th Austin Dean At bat, first base runner Seong-Joo Moon tried to steal the base and was out. Hyeon-Jong Yang, who was holding Moon in check, quickly cut off the start. 토토사이트

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Moon Bo-kyung went to base with a right-handed hit, then moved toward second base as if trying to steal it, but was caught by Kim Ki-hoon’s check ball and was tagged out. Moon Bo-kyung protested that it was safe, so the video was reviewed, but it was recognized as out. Strangely, after Moon Bo-kyung was out, Park Dong-won hit.

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