2nd at-bat KK Overwhelm → Command Tower Reunion… “How was my ball, coach?”

“They told me to take it easy.”

Park Chi-guk (25, Doosan Bears) has a ‘pleasant memory’ with manager Lee Seung-yeop.

May 4, 2017. Park Chi-guk, who was a rookie, took off his hat and bowed his head as coach Lee Seung-yeop, who played for the Samsung Lions and was active as a “national hitter,” entered the plate.

At the time, this was the season when coach Lee announced his retirement as an active player. In 2016, the year before, he showed off his power enough to hit more than 20 homers.

A game against a senior who is infinitely huge for a new player. Park Chi-guk boldly saw a fastball game and struck out on a swing.

After that, Park Chi-guk, who faced manager Lee once more, succeeded in capturing him with another strikeout.

Six years later, Lee Seung-yeop, who was an ‘enemy’, became a manager and wore a Doosan uniform. Park Chi-guk said, “I didn’t think coach Lee Seung-yeop would come to our team. It’s really amazing.”

The result of his confrontation during his active career remained as a medal for Park Chi-guk. As he struck out against the best hitter, it was an opportunity for Park Chi-guk to be filled with confidence.

Park Chi-guk said, “If I get a chance, I want to ask the coach how the ball was at that time. The coach passed by and said, ‘Keep it easy’ as he passed by.” I think that kind of result (strikeout) came out because I concentrated. The memory of that time is fresh,” he laughed.

For Park Chi-guk, this year should be a season of ‘restoration of honor’.

Park Chi-guk, who played the role of Pil Seung-jo while recording double-digit holds for two years from 2018, had the best season in 2020 with an average ERA of 2.89, digesting 71⅔ innings in 63 games. However, from 2021, injuries overlapped, and he eventually underwent elbow surgery. He returned last year, but his physical condition was not perfect and he only had 1 win, 2 losses and 3 holds with an ERA of 5.40 in 15 games. 바카라

Park Chi-guk is currently preparing for the season by doing half pitching. “Last year, I thought I was ready, but I don’t think I was. There were a lot of small injuries. I thought it would have been better if I had come up a little more slowly,” he said, looking back. I did, and I think my arm is fine. I will try to prepare well for the season.”

He also learned lessons from his injuries. He said, “Rehabilitation is over, but rehabilitation must continue. Before the surgery, I didn’t do a lot of strengthening exercises besides exercise, but I think, ‘Why didn’t I do it then?’ Explained.

A period where he can redraw the look that struck out manager Lee as his body came up nicely. However, Park Chi-guk focused more on his own physical condition than on the ‘strikeout of the batter’. He said, “Rather than dealing with someone, I try to focus more on my physical condition and condition. After that, I will focus on dealing with batters.”

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